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Markeshe musician & songwriter.

Markeshe is an American guitarist who rose to prominence in 1992 with Warner Brothers records rock band “life sex and death” before embarking on a solo career. During his short time with LSD, Markeshe experimentation with feedback, distortion, and “fuzz” tone” pushed the band into directions that would open the door for psychedelic rock. He has recorded with Johnny Rotten Jr., Enuff Z’ Nuff, and early Pantera, along with having logged numerous hours at Chicago Recording Company. Markeshe’s new record “Morphine Cocoon” is described as a black Cadillac escalade going 100 mph without any rules or regulations, he is a significant singer & guitarist with many tricks and multiple personalities which is magnificent in today’s populated field! 🎶 Preface by Chip Z’Nuff