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[SACRAMENTO, CA], February 2024 — The Zach Waters Band (ZWB), the Rock and Roll sensation hailing from the heart of Sacramento, is gearing up for an exhilarating European tour in collaboration with FAB Entertainment Group. This marks a historic moment for the band, as they step onto the international stage for the first time, sharing the limelight with legendary Enuff Z’ Nuff. The tour, presented by FAB Entertainment Group, promises to bring the electrifying ZWB experience to fans across Europe in March 2024.

Band Members:
Zach Waters: Guitar/Vocals
Grayson Roberts: Bass/Vocals
Logan Gameson: Drummer

About Zach Waters Band:
Since their explosive entrance into the music scene in 2016, ZWB has become synonymous with high-energy performances and infectious Rock and Roll vibes. Their debut studio masterpiece, “Up & Running,” produced by the legendary Michael Rosen and featuring collaborations with heavyweights like The Counting Crows and Smash Mouth, has propelled them to new heights. ZWB proudly holds the title of being the first unsigned band to receive airplay on DASH radio and received a Hollywood Independent Music Awards nomination in 2023.

European Tour Details:
The Zach Waters Band’s European adventure kicks off on March 8, 2024 at the prestigious Hard Rock Hell festival in Great Yarmouth, UK. The tour includes stops in the UK and concludes on March 23, 2024 in Odal, Norway. Fans can expect a sonic thrill as ZWB shares the stage with iconic acts and delivers their signature rollercoaster of beats and riffs to a whole new audience.

Tour Dates:
3/8 – Hard Rock Hell (Great Yarmouth, UK)
3/9 – Tivoliv (Buckley, UK)
3/10 – Ghost (Nottingham, UK)
3/11 – The Cart and Horse (London, UK)
3/12 – Bannermans Bar (Edinburgh, UK)
3/13 – KK’s Steel Mill (Wolverhampton, UK)
3/15 – Skinners Arms (Machynlleth, West Wales)
3/16 – Voodoo (Belfast, Ireland)
3/17 – Hard Rock (Glasgow, Scotland)
3/22 – Backstage Rockbar (Trollhattan, Sweden)
3/23 – Odal Rock Club (Odal, Norway)

Zach Waters, Lead Singer of ZWB expressed excitement, stating, “Taking our Rock and Roll party to Europe is a dream come true. We’re ready to rock the stages and create unforgettable moments with our European fans.”

About FAB Entertainment Group:
FAB Entertainment Group, led by Francisco Brun, has been instrumental in fostering the success of ZWB. The Bay Area-based music promotion company specializes in rock and classic rock acts and has played a crucial role in propelling the band from local gigs to international stages.

Social Media and Streaming Numbers:
Instagram Followers: 6.8k
Spotify Streams: 250k (2023)
Youtube Views: 186k
Facebook Page Likes: 4.7k
TikTok Followers: 1.2k

Contact Information:
For more information on the tour, please contact FAB Entertainment Group at [email protected]. Download the Zach Waters Band Bio and One-sheet here.

High-Resolution Images:
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Join the Party!
Zach Waters Band invites fans worldwide to join the party as they embark on this monumental European tour. The stage is set for an unforgettable musical extravaganza, and ZWB, led by Zach Waters, Grayson Roberts, and Logan Gameson, is ready to rock Europe!